Our Services

We carefully select our wines directly in Bordeaux for you.

Best price / quality for the Swiss market.

We will organize wine tastings regularly.

Personal guided winetours to famous Chateaus.

Consulting to various topics around Bordeaux wines.

Design of wine stores, wine cubes, restaurants, etc

More details will follow soon.


Christian Hartmann

lic.oec. HSG

M +41 79 123 2000

Carl Gheysen

Purchase & Sales

M +32 47 621 4482

Jean-Christophe Meyrou

Selecting Advisor

Director Domaines Select Bordeaux

General Manager of Vignobles K




Domaines elect
merchants of wine

Hechtstrasse 14

CH 9053 Teufen / Suisse


T +41 71 333 6000

F +41 71 333 6008